#AskTrev 10 – Starting


When you have a business idea or passion project in mind, the greatest challenge, pain or struggle you will find is during the starting process.

If you focus on patience, perseverance and the long-term game, you will be more likely to stick with it and push through the initial growing pains.

Expect little to no results for those initial months or even years. Get used to results that might not meet expectations and continue anyways.

Near the end of this session I really emphasis the importance of mentally handling the pain and failures you will run into. I have run into failures daily and find it’s important to become numb and resilient.

When a project is started, it is initially conceived as a solopreneur project, with no one to help you out (unless you’ve found co-founders / funding). As your start grows, you will need to consider adding people into your project in order to continue growth. Don’t get stuck as a technician – you will be better off as an employee if you do.

Become a visionary and look to build a business that you oversee and grow.

Anything you know can be turned into a commoditized product. Look to create items that can be built to take you away from time-consuming tasks – even think about these future items before the starting process.

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