11 Ways to Optimize Your Website for More Sales

1. Increase page speed.
Use image and HTML compressors to cut down on load times. Also, using a faster server can fix most of the problems with your site’s speed. To see what other issues might be slowing down your site, check out this testing tool by Google.

2. Create a pop-up box to collect emails.
Give away valuable content, whether it be an eBook, course or checklist, in exchange for a prospect’s email. Then you can follow up with a series of automated emails to nurture your prospect to the buying stage. To set up a pop-up through WordPress, check out this plugin that I use.

3. Write content that matters.
Write blog posts for your site on a consistent basis. With regular, quality content, you will increase your organic ranking on Google search results.

4. Create “About” and “Contact” pages to overcome objections.
Describe your story in the About page and include your contact details and a fillable form in the Contact page. The most popular page after your main one is the Contact page. Make sure you optimize it for conversions.

5. Create landing pages that are simple, with a call-to-action at the bottom.
Only have one call-to-action (i.e., sign up, buy, donate) on a sales landing page. Your conversions for that one call-to-action will increase by asking with one specific goal in mind, not several.

6. Optimize your logo (it shouldn’t be blurry or old).
Here are some more logo tips to ensure your brand is professionally portrayed.

7. Include testimonials or case studies for social proof.
A customer testimonial or review of your product / service will do wonders for your credibility. Reach out to your current customer base for a positive testimonial and get permission to add it to your site.

8. Integrate social media accounts.
Show you’re interacting with your fans by having Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages linked on your website. Showing photos of your location will really help with your exposure and give prospects an inside-look at your company, building that trust at the first touchpoint.

9. Fix broken pages!
There is no quicker way to lose an opportunity when your pages are broken. Check all of your links on a broken link checker tool and fix the issues to improve your site’s functionality.

10. Be consistent with your brand message.
Check to make sure your content is on point. Have an editor check for word consistency to ensure you’re not confusing customers by saying different promises on different pages.

11. Show how you’re unique on the main page.
Most web traffic to your site ends up on the main page. Make sure you succinctly explain why you’re better than your competitors. You should be able to explain in one sentence.

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