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Hi, I’m Trevor Carss, creator of MailChimp Marketing Mastery. I want to help you sell more and increase sales with emails that convert. I’m excited to be sharing this incredible product for you today so you can become an email marketing pro.

I’ve worked with countless clients to help them promote their passions and constantly come across one main obstacle to their success: they have little to no following.

Aren’t you tired of putting in the countless hours, building your idea, only to realize there are just a few fans on your contact list to sell to?

I want to help you break past the #1 reason why most companies fail: weak marketing.

Most of these course lessons will teach you how to use the #1 email marketing software in the world: MailChimp. Even if you use another platform, the advice I am going to share with you still applies.

The typical cost of a course like this would be nearly $700 in coaching fees, but I’ve decided I want as many people as possible to share their passions with the world without breaking their budgets.

Since we’ve just launched this course, we’re giving a MASSIVE discount to anyone who joins NOW! If you want to EXPLODE your email marketing skills this year, don’t wait any longer! I want you to be successful.

What’s included:

  • 25 video sessions with walkthroughs.
  • 40+ learning topics on email marketing.
  • Bonus resources to amplify your business.
  • 2+ hours of premium, exclusive video content.

Email marketing has the highest ROI out of any marketing channel. Expect a 44:1 return on investment.

In this course, we’ll show you the exact formula to successfully launch your email marketing campaign and optimize it for sales conversions.

No matter what type of business or hobby you’re into, I guarantee you will find tremendous marketing value to help you grow your following.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours this year to create all of these lessons for you. I recommend choosing a course that has been built for tomorrow. Mine is built entirely for 2018 and beyond, ensuring you get the latest material to help you optimize your email marketing efforts.

Anxious after sending out an email without any returns? Let’s help you sell more of what you love, stress-free.

I’ve worked with businesses on results-driven email marketing campaigns for over 10 years and know what it takes to make emails and landing pages convert.

Here are just a few of my marketing degrees and certifications after helping hundreds of my clients over the past decade:

  • Bachelor’s of Business, Marketing Concentration
  • HubSpot Email Marketing Certification
  • HubSpot Inbound Certification

I graduated from one of the top 3 Business Schools in Canada and I love Marketing.

Here are just a few of the tips I follow to build successful email campaigns for my clients:

  • Opt-in messaging — when visitors reach your site, is your offer compelling enough to convert the lead to a fan? Your content upgrade and giveaway offer is critical to exponentially increasing your signup conversions.
  • Re-engagement — connect with your list of old fans, the people who have been waiting to hear from you again – this is low-hanging fruit!
  • Email sequences — send a series of nurturing emails upon initial signup to educate prospects into buyers. 6-7 staggered emails is the rule-of-thumb! It takes that many impressions before someone will consider buying from you. Don’t let your sales funnel go to waste.
  • Segmentation — send relevant, personalized emails based on subscriber interests. Don’t send a mass email ever again! Forget spam forever.
  • Design — add powerful imagery and a single call-to-action to make your communication stand out.
  • Mobile optimization — make emails that look incredible on mobile devices. Finally something that your client can read!

You will see a major increase to your open rates, click-throughs, and sales with these email campaign strategies.

My course gives you an understanding for email marketing in a way that hasn’t been taught before.

I have helped a large client grow their email list to 60,000 contacts organically, just by streamling and improving their website setup for email opt-ins. That’s just one success story.

Here is what other clients say about my work:

“Trevor is a perfect mix of creativity and innovation. He offers transformative insights that put him in a whole new calibre than other marketers.”
– Cliff, Freelance business owner.

“Amazing communication, fast efficient and a pleasure to work with!”
– Anthony, Amazon Author.

“We brought in Trevor to create and execute a marketing campaign for our company. Overall, his work was very well done and the campaign was a tremendous success. Great quality, great value, and very professional.”
– Brad, Life Coach.

Here are the lessons we will be covering in this course:

Introduction to MailChimp Marketing Mastery
– Top 10 Email Marketing Metrics to Track
– 5 Ways To Convert a Customer Online Today
– The Ultimate Email Marketing Funnel

MailChimp Dashboard
– Layout
– Navigation
– Stats Overview

eCommerce Store Integration
– Shopify
– Google Analytics
– Social Integrations

Audience Management
– Lists
– Groups
– Segments
– Ratings & Lead Scoring
– Merge Fields

Grow Your Following
– Signup Form Types
– Building the Signup Form
– The Best Signup Form That Converts
– Popup Forms
– Beyond MailChimp (Bonus): Landing Page Success Tips – Case Study
– Beyond MailChimp (Bonus): Collaborations for List Growth

Email Campaign Design
– Best Practices for a Converting Email
– Subject Lines, Addresses & Deliverability
– Call-To-Action Examples
– Template Builder & Sections

Automation / Drip
– Relationship-Building Sequence
– Content Examples to Boost Conversions
– How To Set Up Drip Triggers

RSS Newsletters
– Blog-to-MailChimp Setup
– Run Your Content Collection on Autopilot!
– Social Sharing

– Clicks
– Opens
– Comparisons by Industry

Bonus Material: Kickstart Your Campaigns!
– 13 Email Metrics That Matter
– 11 Ways to Optimize Your Website for More Sales
– 6 Email Template Sales Scripts That Convert
– 20 Email Subject Lines to Wow Your Prospects
– 101 Marketing Tips to Launch Your Business
– 123 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read
– MailChimp: Facebook Ads Guide
– MailChimp: Learning Resources

We’ll run you through a live example of a new business looking to grow their list, including best practices for MailChimp setup to ensure you’re off and running!

I built this course to help you promote your passion and share what you love with the world.

The course is free to watch – get the results you deserve for your business.

Gain the years of knowledge and experience taught by a professional email marketer. My course focus is on conversion best-practices. I want to give you results today! Even with the growth of social media marketing, we are seeing continued success with email. Research has in fact shown that email marketing is still the #1 marketing channel for all businesses. Without a strong email list, you will not be able to grow your business effectively.

Now I have a question for you:
Are you ready to promote your passion with email?


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