16 Free Marketing Analysis Tools

If you would like to analyze the website of your business, a client’s or a competitor’s, here are several professional marketing analysis tools to check out (the best part is, these are all free and do not require a pesky login):

1. YouGov

A data and public opinion company, YouGov shows consumer popularity data and fame levels in comparison to competing brands.

2. Google Trends

Look up popularity for keywords over time with Google Trends. This helps to determine if there is a market fit for areas you’re curious about.

3. Likealyzer

Look at the performance data of any Facebook Page and see where improvements can be made with this fun tool.

4. Siteliner

Find broken links and duplicate content with Siteliner. Receive breakdown percentages in the form of a pie chart.

5. AnswerThePublic

Don’t let the quirky homepage fool you. AnswerThePublic is an incredible content strategy tool to give you keyword suggestions for your next article.

6. Phlanx

If you ever wondered how your Instagram engagement was doing, use this simple engagement calculator by Phlanx.

7. Hashtagify

Explore top hashtags to see what’s happening among social media influencers. Hashtagify will show you Twitter and Instagram suggestions based on popularity and world trends. Automatically create hashtag word clouds to see what pops up the most.

8. SimilarWeb

Examine website traffic statistics and market intelligence with the incredibly robust SimilarWeb tool.

9. SharesCount

Track total social share counts across top platforms with this tool.

10. SpyFu

Do competitor keyword research for AdWords PPC and SEO with SpyFu. Receive comprehensive charts on organic and paid competitor data.

11. Talos

Look up reputation and comprehensive threat intelligence with Cisco’s Talos tool. The quality of domain reputation affects email spam and deliverability.

12. PageSpeed Insights

Website speed affects how likely a visitor is to stay on that site. Check performance with Google’s PageSpeed Insights and see what can be done to improve.

13. Nibbler

Test the overall performance of any website with Nibbler. Receive a report that scores out of 10 for key areas that include accessibility, SEO, social media and technology.

14. Ubersuggest

Find ways to get more traffic with Ubersuggest’s keyword tool to generate SEO suggestions.

15. Market Finder

This tool by Google allows you to find global market opportunities for international business. Look up many data points, including brand positioning ideas and opportunity sizes.

16. OpenLinkProfiler

Look up detailed link data, including research on backlinks.

Try these tools out for your next marketing analysis report to see where you are at against your competitors.

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