Be Like Elon Musk

Consider these habits to be like Elon Musk:

6 to 6.5 hours of sleep per day, on average.

80 to 100 hours of work per week.

A clear vision that you strongly believe in.

A clear vision that delivers high value to others.

Excellent work ethic during every waking hour.

A desire to solve problems based on level of usefulness. Let’s look at what this means. The total improved usefulness of something is equal to the usefulness for the average person, minus the next best similar item, multiplied by the amount of people who would find it useful. For the mathematicians reading this…

X = total usefulness
U = Usefulness to one person
C = Comparable item in usefulness and cost
P = Number of people this item would be used by/affect
X = (U – C) * P

A push towards optimal, open working environments, to foster collaboration.

Do you think you can approach the world this way, just like Elon Musk? Give it a try!

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