24-Hour Experiments

When growing your business, sometimes it’s easy to think things will take forever. How about setting a short 24-hour growth goal for yourself, as a challenge? What can you accomplish in that time? How hard can you work? Here are some example end-goals for you to experiment with:

1000 video views in 24 hrs
1000 email subscribers in 24 hrs
1000 FB page likes in 24 hrs
100 signup form completions in 24 hrs
1000 IG followers in 24 hrs
1000 YT subscribers in 24 hrs
$1000 in 24 hrs, 1 landing page
$1000 in 24 hrs, donations on blog post page
$1000 in 24 hrs, 1 digital product
100 subscriptions in 24 hrs
$1000 in 24 hrs, merch
Help 200 people in 24 hrs, without expectation

What are you waiting for? How about giving one of these 24-hour goals a try this week! Marketing can be so much fun.

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