Work for Free

Work for free and take 20% of all new business. I’m serious. Go to all of the businesses you would consider dream companies to work for and ask if you can do a project you are skilled in.

Asking for commission pay is underrated and underutilized. We need to change that mindset when our careers need a development boost.

I reached out to lawyers, offering my marketing services, and received a 10% response rate. That’s a nice result to build a reputation off of. Now some people will say no to your free work. Others will say yes. It’s how many no’s you can take on to show the kind of persistence you have.

As a children’s author, I have given away many complete books for free. Hours of hard work, for nothing in return (on the surface). Not only is giving free books a way to gain great feedback for my work, but if it’s popular, people will share it with others or follow me. When getting started in your career, positive word-of-mouth is everything. People will repay you in some way, whether it’s the percentage you agree to, or a donation or share down the road.

If you do not have income, start working for free. Then, take 20% of all new business you bring in. Maybe one day that 20 will flip to 80. When starting out, don’t get fancy with the numbers or the value. Make it super simple to say yes to you. Work for free and show results. Overdeliver.

When you help others, you get rewarded. You feel good. It may not be at the moment, but down the road, everything works out. Karma is real. Work for free.

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