5 Ways to Start a Crochet Business



If you are into crocheting or knitting, here are five ways to start your business:

  1. Master the art of selling key chains to start. Get on Etsy, Facebook Groups, Ravelry, and any other communities where you can share your designs.
  2. Take photographs and set up a visual Instagram business theme page with the new Shop functionality. Use relevant hashtags for exposure.
  3. Launch a YouTube channel to record/document your crocheting process. How-to’s and behind-the-scenes content will build you an additional revenue stream (YouTube ads in the long-term), taking you beyond the manual labor and time consumption of physical product creation (because crocheting takes some serious time). Could also link to affiliate products for commissions.
  4. If you could self-publish guides, crochet “recipe” books, and your journey, then you’ve built another few revenue streams along the way.
  5. Local workshops. Teach crochet classes at your local library or a church (maybe when live events become a thing again). If you can get 20 people in at $20 a head for one hour, as an example, that’s great business (and potential friendships + long-term customers). Have products on-hand for additional sales.

Just a few ideas to create a business and multiple revenue streams out of crocheting or knitting. Best of luck!

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