79 Ways To Be Bold


Sometimes it can be tough to be brave and bold. Try these small steps to gain your confidence and take action:

  1. Ask for a raise
  2. Get a job
  3. Ask out someone for a date
  4. Make phone calls
  5. Go door-to-door
  6. Limit screen time
  7. Network
  8. Dress boldly
  9. Start something
  10. Ask for a divorce
  11. Propose
  12. Negotiate
  13. Sell everything in your life
  14. Move out from parent’s house
  15. Go on a trip alone
  16. Be assertive
  17. Resolve complaints
  18. Run a marathon
  19. Create a marketing strategy for your life
  20. Clean up your hoard
  21. Build something
  22. Have sex
  23. Gain muscle
  24. Talk to random strangers
  25. Knock on doors
  26. Write eBook
  27. Help the weak
  28. Toastmasters
  29. Run event for disabled people
  30. Talk to someone in Starbucks
  31. Drop something on floor and ask for refund
  32. Talk to someone on a train
  33. Join in on group discussions
  34. Dance with someone at club
  35. Go to mall and ask for phone numbers
  36. Ask a question in the middle of class lecture
  37. Ask for a kiss
  38. Start a bromance
  39. Find three friends of the opposite sex
  40. Help a senior cross the road
  41. Change directions on your morning run when another runner passes you; start a conversation with them
  42. Ask what book they’re reading
  43. Comment on someone’s piece of clothing attire
  44. Give critical feedback to someone in-person
  45. Start a conversation with someone in the grocery aisle
  46. Take a selfie with someone
  47. Say you ran out of change and ask if it’d be okay to take it for free with the promise to pay back
  48. Stand firm with your opinion
  49. Start a conversation with someone in a lineup
  50. Talk to the person next to you on airplane
  51. Travel to somewhere new
  52. Offer to carry schoolbooks home, without stealing them
  53. Remove all your stuff from your room and create an epic garage sale
  54. Speak in front of audience
  55. Ask out a church person
  56. Say no
  57. Walk around modeling agencies, asking for directions (get comfortable speaking with beautiful people)
  58. Go to Australia
  59. Eat new foods you’ve never tried
  60. Complete a fitness competition
  61. Start a support group around your problem
  62. Start a club
  63. Do a fun day every week
  64. Have a dinner conversation
  65. Go to a public sporting event
  66. Turn off your electronics for 24 hours
  67. Live a day in candlelight
  68. Stop texting for one day and only respond via phone call or in-person meet
  69. Connect with a long lost relationship
  70. Take shy people and help them be bold
  71. Grab a few all-stars you know and start a new venture
  72. Take your parents out for a nice dinner
  73. Act on one of your lifelong dreams
  74. Give critical feedback to a friend/colleague
  75. Write the book you can’t find in the bookstore
  76. Emulate your ideal self (start with one trait)
  77. Volunteer to contribute socially
  78. Quit your job
  79. Travel to a randomly selected spot on the map
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