Why You Should Read to Your Child

Reading to your child is critical. It helps with learning. It helps with brain development. Successful people love reading. Children should be taught to love reading too.

The way to avoid child development as a parent would be by sitting the kids in front of a television screen. Most modern parents do this today. As a non-parent, I can tell there are countless kids who look zonked out of their minds from all of the mindless screen time they’re taking in.

This is why reading at bedtime is important. Parents should stop using their phones past a certain time and spend more of that freed-up time to read with their kids.

Here are the elaborate reasons to support my opinion:


I went to school. Chances are you did too. What happens at schools? Homework, assignments, exams, essays. All of these activities involve words. Words which need to be read. Will your child feel adequate enough if they can’t read what’s on the page? No. They will struggle and suffer unnecessarily. Unless the child lives in a box, they will encounter words.


It helps to read maps and directions when you go on adventures. If a child can navigate successfully, they will enjoy the idea of having fun outside more often. Read out street signs in the car as they pass by. See if your kids remember the locations in a week.


There will be opportunities to collaborate with others, opportunities to work for someone or yourself, opportunities to grow in life. Along the way, there will be opportunities to those who can read. Those who can’t, won’t have these same opportunities.


It’s much more fun to play board games when you can read how to play.

Hopefully my reasoning convinces you.

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