Advice on Finding Digital Marketing Clients

On Facebook Groups, one question that came up was in regards to growing your clientele as a digital marketer.

Wait, if you are a marketer, shouldn’t you be able to find your next client?

It depends on the knowledge and experience of the marketer. Perhaps they are skilled at data and analytics, but they struggle with sales and direct client acquisition (as most digital marketers do).

I like to help aspiring entrepreneurs, and here was my advice (paraphrased):

In the long-term, creating blog content on your own website and helping others will get you clients organically. I wrote epic blog posts for awhile and started to realize that my new coaching clients would find me via Google Search. Instead of applying for a job on Upwork every day, I began to focus more on my content.

Owning 100% of your content is nice (especially considering the recent Google+ fiasco). I’ve been experimenting with Quora (except they could shut down at a moment’s notice too), but nothing says Digital Marketing Expert like a really helpful blog post about your niche.

My ultimate set of recommendations:

1. Define your ideal customers in your area (lawyers NEED digital marketing help, as an example).

2. Create an epic blog post tailored to them, with call-to-action at the end.

3. Answer the ideal customer’s questions, wherever they are hanging out, and share the epic post when feasible.

If anyone is looking to grow their digital marketing practice, finding that first client is a great positive boost to the initial momentum. Then it’s about repetition and hustle every day.

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