Amp It #4: Influencers


Reach out to the leaders in your niche to get your product promotion prowess on.

You’ll see YouTube and social media influencers (experts / gurus) all over the Internet. These influencers are the pathway to enormous awareness for your brand, as they have a large following in the thousands and millions.

Reach out to the influencers in your industry and ask if they’d be interested in a co-partnership or cross-promotion. Offer them some of your products for free in exchange for a quick plug. Do whatever it takes to get them talking about you. Follow them, subscribe to their blogs, comment on their articles, guest post for them.

Become a kind, persistent stalker and eventually they will listen to you. They are ignoring you at the beginning because you can imagine how many one-off requests they receive.

This tactic takes time. Influencers are busy. Do something creative to get their attention – free swag helps. Befriend them on social media to improve your chances. You may get rejected a thousand times before you get a response. All it takes is one influencer endorsement to amplify your business name. Befriend, engage, stick with it.

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