An Ideal Daily Routine



I wake up and write in my journal. This consists of improvements I can make from the previous day, what Iā€™m grateful for, affirmations and what would make a great day today. Then I head to the swimming pool to do a mixture of the front crawl and breaststroke for 40ā€“50 laps.

After the sauna and shower, I head back home.


I make a green smoothie that consists of spinach, kale, pea protein powder, coconut oil, frozen fruit, avocados, water and unsweetened coconut milk.


I spend some time on Quora, answering questions that I have answers to.


PR push. I reach out to at least ten people I could potentially collaborate with. This might be literary agents, marketing agencies or authors.


I take a break to eat a steak and greens. I like to pan-fry and lightly salt my steak. I do not use dressings or marinades.


I do one set of strength exercises and one set of abdominal exercises. Then I get outside and run 2ā€“10 kilometers. The distance depends on how my legs feel.


I drink more of my smoothie, paired with candy, donuts, cookies or ice cream. I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I might also eat a handful of walnuts, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds with raisins.


I reflect on my life or read articles that interest me.


I read a book or watch a movie.


Time for bed. After brushing and flossing, I tuck myself in.

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