Life at 29


This collection of thoughts about my life at the age of 29 is dedicated to every lost twentysomething millennial in the world.

I am lost at 29.
I have a million ideas.
I want to make a difference.
I don’t know where to start.
I don’t know why I wait.
Time ticks by.
Life passes by.
Life is hard growing up.
Some days I am happy.
Other days I am sad.
I don’t know where to start.
Join me in this poetic collection of thoughts about life.

I have visited two countries.
I am afraid of the world beyond.
Is it scary?
Is it kind?
What if someone says hello?
What if someone says goodbye?
What if?

I love red.
I love love.

We have two eyes.
We use them every day.
Be grateful for your sight.
It might be gone, one day it might.

Analysis paralysis.
Some people take two hours to write a sentence.
Some people take two years to start a business.
Some people take two decades to marry the one they love.
Some people take two lifetimes to get it right.
But we only have one.
Our thoughts guide us.
Our thoughts hold us back.

What my gravestone says.
What would you write on your gravestone?
I would write my life mission.
I would write about the legacy I left on the world.
Maybe we should all get writing now.
Before it’s too late.
And the gravestone says less than desired.

I f*ck up often.
For years I thought that was a bad thing.
But it is the only way to find yourself.
I still don’t know what I’m doing.
I still f*ck up often.
Failure is the only option.

Don’t do them.
Get out of them.
This can be a bad addiction if you let it.
Affairs will take you to bad places.

The atheist.
They can be negative.
But they work hard.
And they have goals.

The agnostic.
I am not anything.
I am not an expert.
I don’t know where I was.
I don’t know where I’ll be.
Let’s have conversations backed by reality.

They appear cute and cuddly.
They love to play.
Then one jumped on me.
I was 6.
I’ve been afraid ever since.

It’s usually about nothing.
We love each other.
But then your emotions get the best of you.
Always apologize sincerely.
If it happens often, figure out why.
There’s no fun in fighting.

Being millennial.
We’re lazy.
Caught in turmoil.
We don’t know what to do.
So we brew an avocado stew.
We are millennials.

Green smoothie.
Hemp seeds.
Protein powder.
Coconut oil.
Blend 10 secs.
Frozen fruit.
Blend 10 secs.
Then until smooth.
The green smoothie.

My bed.
I never want to leave my bed.
If I could, I’d stay there forever.
And rot day by day.

How to make money online.
Trade something of value in exchange for money.
Find out what you can give that’s valuable.
You might have to give and give to discover the answer.

Business scams.
If it’s too good to be true, you know what to do.

We want to escape our world.
We think there is life outside our own.
This is your life.
Don’t be a prisoner.

Retire at 35.
We want to relax at 35 these days.
We go through mountains of stress to get there.
Find what you love to do instead.
And you’ll never need to retire for the rest of your life.

Millennial words.
Snunch = snack for lunch.
Woke = trendy.
Extra = drama.
What inventions are you creating today?

We need people to look up to.
This is missing from our lives.

Don’t let the past hold you back.
Learn from it and move on.
Guilt is a bad feeling that does no one good.
Move towards present and future innocence.

Wasting time.
We sit in front of our screens for hours.
We wonder why the time goes by.
And nothing gets done.
Every moment wasted is a moment we’ll never have back.
Count down how many days, months year you have left.
Then decide if wasting time is your mission in life.

60 more years to live.
I have 60 more years to live, if I’m fortunate.
Is this what I want to be doing in 60 years?
Whenever the answer is no, I think about what I need to do.
Because I want to live these next 60 years.

Old man dying on train.
Every day, on my commute, I see plenty of people.
There is one man – he is dying.
Unmarried, fatherless, friendless.
His life is work and commuting.
He appears miserable, sad and depressed.
Imagine if he stopped going on the train.
And you saw the old man doing what he loves.
We could reverse many frowns by living life that way.
Do what you can to avoid being that old man dying on the train.

The struggle is there as an artist.
If we persevere, the world will appreciate our efforts.
We must work hard and continue to share our story with the world.
All we need is one fan.
That one fan can turn into 100.
100 fans can turn into 1,000.
If we let others tell us how things should be done,
Our art will never be what it could.
Keep sharing your art – someone will find you.
Someone will become a fan.

What does a man look like?
Is he strong?
Is he supportive?
Is he kind?
I do not know.

Meet Scary Girl.
She likes to bully other boys.
Other boys have done everything they can to make Scary Girl happy.
Roses. Chocolates.
Handmade cards.
Not a single gift would make scary girl happy.
No one knew why scary girl acted this way.
Some say she was bitten by a werewolf.
Or a vampire.
Or that’s just the way she is.
Her hair looks like dangerous snakes.

The bus man.
There was a bus man.
He made his passengers happy.
He would say hello and how are you.
To everyone.
Everyone take note of the bus man.

I put peanut butter on salads.
I like skipping breakfast.
I sleep on my side.
I wear thick glasses.
I am skinny.
I am tall.
I like silence.
I look different from the rest.
I avoid conversation.
I like playgrounds.
I use coupons.
I am weird.

My life is better in every way.
She makes me laugh every day.
When you find someone who loves you.
Love them too.
And hope they stay.

Startup life.
Here’s what I learned after four months in a startup.
It’s just like corporate, but faster.
Weeks equal corporate months.
Staff turnover is high.
Half the team won’t handle it and move on.
Me included.

Left my job due to stress. Then my girlfriend left me. Outside of my family, I have no more friends. I’m 29 and feel like this is rock-bottom. I seek no sympathy – this is just where I am. What I do next has to be better than what I’ve done up to now. It’s time for me to become a man. I’ve started to see a therapist to address my deepest, darkest issues. I have bold ambitions to change my life around. Goodbye rock-bottom.

I’m at home when I’m with you.
There was this girl, on the playground.
I was drawn by her lovely sound.
Her smile, her lips.
And her fingertips.
Thinking…I’m at home when I’m with you.
I’m at a point in life where I want a wife.
A wife who loves me.
And wants to be around me.
Thinking…I’m at home when I’m with you.
Who I can lighten up in her darkest hours.
And make me smile while I’m gone awhile.
I’m at home when I’m with you.
I’m at home when I’m with you.

Parents who talk a lot.
Let them talk.
One day you will wake without them.
To guide you.
To help you grow.
Love parents who talk a lot.

9 to 5.
8 hours of doing what you hate.
Day in.
Day out.
What would you do if you had 8 hours to live?
Likely not the 9 to 5.
Do what makes you live.

Imagine all the people who love you.
Everyone who ever said hello to you.
All the lessons you’ve learned.
The potential you have in this world.
Then stop.
Just stop.
You have more chapters to write.

Waking early.
Waking up early is not fun.
All groggy.
All sad for another day.
Unless you know what you want in this world.
Then you jump out of bed…
Find out what you want.
Or keep searching.
Wake early for that.

The laughter.
The fun.
The friends.
The carelessness.
The spontaneity.
The surprises.
Try improv.

Comfort zone.
Ignore it.
Break it.
Expand it.

I want cookies.
I want cupcakes.
I want donuts.
I want ice cream.
I want milkshakes.
I want brownies.
I want churros.
I really want to see my children grow up.
I really want to grow old with my wife.
I want. I want. I want.

Life at 29.
There is life still.
So many years to go.
You’re just getting started.
There is still a life to grow.

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