Be You

When I was spending most of my life sitting in a chair at the office, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I thought to myself: I’m weird and don’t belong in this chair, all confined and conformed to the corporate world.

So one day I quit my job without a plan and left.

I spent some time thinking about who I wanted to be, and I explored my core values:


What could I do to fulfill my values, to make me feel happy by the end of the day?

I explored some of the work I did as a child. Writing and drawing always seemed to pique my interest. I even won art awards in school for my work.

I started to write and draw. Then I realized I’m not an intricate illustrator like most artists out there.

I decided to define my unique style. I am a minimalist by nature, so I crafted cartoon characters out of simple shapes.

After creating one children’s story, I was hooked. It made sense to leave my career and do this instead. Now I’m moving towards being the person I want to be every day.

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