Building Wealth from Scratch


If you are looking to build your empire of wealth, here are the ways to do it (note: I’m no expert, but I love trying new money-making ideas).

Create a top-notch eBook and give it away for free in exchange for prospect emails. Hustle to promote on social media. The eBook can be as small as 20 pages as long as it provides tremendous value. You’re trying to build credibility before you can start charging. If you can’t write, grab a ghost writer on Fiverr and ask them to write your idea. Cost is about $60 to do this.

As your email list grows, keep producing quality blog content resources to help people in your niche. Podcasts, how-to’s, long-form articles, webinars and guest posting are all great ideas.

Follow-up with a freemium product, something people can try before they buy the full version. Charge approx. $19-$49 for the full version, depending on how you perceive the value and how others will perceive it. Material can be in the form of online courses, exclusive videos, apps, you name it. You should be producing something of even higher value than your eBook in this instance.

Build a mastery training program or course in your niche and sell that for even more, say $199. Convince your following of the value by communicating how it will solve their problems.

Offer coaching and consulting services. These can range in hourly amounts, depending on your experience at this point. Some people charge $60/hour, others can get away with $5,000/hour. Determine what you think you’re worth and own it.

Get into speaking engagements. This can bring you $1,000-$100,000 for each venue, once again depending on your experience. Start with high schools and universities to build street cred. Publish your speaking events on YouTube – someone might eventually notice you.

With no money in pocket, you have to be in the “give” mindset right now. Give value first, then wealth will come later. If you follow this Sales funnel approach described, where you’re offering free value up front, you will get there. Best of luck.

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