How To Run Your Marketing on Autopilot


Automating your marketing is the optimal way to grow your business in the 21st century. With a few simple systems in place, you can have several tasks handled for you without a hitch. Here are the resources I have used and would recommend to any business owner (I am not affiliated with these links in any way):

Ghost Blog Writers (Content Marketing)

Creating consistent content for your website is one of the most time-consuming tasks. To ensure your website ranks better for SEO over time, this blog team can create articles for you on a set schedule of your choosing.

99designs (Logo Design)

For an inexpensive logo, 99designs has a great pool of professional graphic designers. If you find a designer you like, they could take on additional branding work for you. To keep an eye on their output, I suggest using a collaborative design tool like Canva. Also mentioned in video: Google Drawings and Unsplash.

Upwork (Freelance Projects)

Finding a marketing assistant in your area could take months. To have one in days, try Upwork. There are also certified ads specialists and social media experts on here, you just have to sort through it to find the right people for your next project.

Fiverr (Odd Jobs)

For quick services, I’ve had short video animations created via this platform. There are also plenty of writers on here with reasonable prices.

Podium (Google Reviews)

Finding more Google reviews for your business can be challenging if your online presence is fairly new. Podium makes the business of finding five-star reviews easier, with excellent conversion rates. Restaurants would find this tool particularly beneficial for new business. Also mentioned in video: AskNicely.

Zapier (App Automations)

Have social media posts shared across all of your social media platforms with Zapier. Use the platform’s different integration features to simplify how you use common business apps. IFTTT is another tool for simple automation tasks.

Converse AI (Chatbots)

Converse AI is a fun tool for building chatbots. This is a game-changer for web lead gen, as it automates your live chat conversations with artificial intelligence. Facebook messenger has an AI tool for this too.

MailChimp (Email Marketing)

If you build out a top-notch email sales funnel through MailChimp automation, you will have the best marketing assistant in the world, working for you. Email marketing is still the best growth opportunity for new businesses, even compared to social media.

These are some ideas to chew on for your next set of marketing initiatives. If you combine all of these tools, you could build a nice marketing system that runs on autopilot for you. Then you can finally get back to working on your business, rather than in it.

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