Characters from a Celebrity Fairytale

Kacey Musgrat
Gary Woodchuck
Lady GooGoo
Tony Robin
Jimmy Falcon
Tim Ferrett
Jerry Signfell
Angelina Jolly
Kanye East
Chris Hempseed
Bradley Pooper
Americano Grande
Clint Oakwood
Justin Beaver
Katy Fairy
Jim Carefree
Neil Patrick Hairy
Ellen Generous
Stephen Coal Bear
Whoppie Pie Gold Bird
Whipped Cream Gold Bird
Adam Sander
Matthew Mahogany
Leonardo Decapitated
Leonardo Capri Sun
Arnold Bacon and Egger
Henry Winky
Sylvester Stallion
Liam Raisin
Dingo Starr
Uma Thermometer
Benedict Cucumber Patch
Donut Trump
Samuel L. Jack Rabbit

This would be a story about a falling sign (Jerry Signfell) and the planned rescue to save him.

Famous things from all over Los Angeles, California would gather to save Jerry Signfell.

“Help! Over here! I am a celebrity in distress!”

You get the idea.

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