A Funny Guide for Appropriate Workplace Conduct

Anti-harassment for all.

This goes for all humans, furry people and anything else that works in a company:

No chest grabs.
No groin grabs.
No weird double-winks.
No dirty talk.

Single winks are acceptable.
Smiling is acceptable.
Staring is acceptable (but creepy).
Hugging is acceptable.
Foul language is acceptable (if used sparingly).
Play time is acceptable (if mutually agreed upon).

Undies are mandatory.
Clothing is mandatory.

Any problems, both disputing parties are to be fired. Decide beforehand if you would like to lose your job for harassment cases.

You are responsible for handling your sh*t. Handle it. Those who can’t, can’t work here.

For everything else, here is the number for our company therapist.

See you at work on Monday 🙂

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