6 Ultimate Cold Email Templates That Convert

Cold email is a challenging approach to grab your next sale, but I’ve fine-tuned several templates that can help with your next outreach campaign. Each template can be tweaked to fit your product or service offerings. Feel free to use these in your next email campaigns, but please adjust the templates to suit your wording and personality:

Simple approach.

SUBJECT LINE: Working together


I wanted to find out if you have any marketing needs at COMPANY (email, social media, ads, etc.)?

We can increase sales, engagement, conversions and more through our marketing strategies.

Interested? Email me back, I’d love to chat.

Trevor Carss
Founder | TrevorCarss.com

This simple approach cuts right to the chase by inquiring into what the client might need. Notice how I mention what problems I can solve for them instead of introducing what I do? Always focus on helping others by solving their problems first.

Innovative video approach.

SUBJECT LINE: COMPANY video insights

NAME, I wanted to introduce you to YOUR COMPANY NAME, we help businesses convert more clients.

To learn how you can grow, here is a quick video review of your website:


Did these tips help?

Trevor Carss
Founder | TrevorCarss.com

Video marketing is continuing to see growth in the industry. Experimenting with video will help increase your click-through rate. Once again, focus on how you can help your prospect. By finishing with a question, you are sparking a dialogue.

Are you noticing these email templates are quite short in length? People do not want to spend all day reading your email, especially if you are just beginning a dialogue with them. Focus on starting a two-way conversation, then sell later in your communications.

Follow-up approach.



Couldn’t help but notice you watched the video demo I sent you there.

Did you have any questions? I’d be happy to jump on a 15-minute call with you to see how we could add those ideas into your business.

If you’re busy, no problem, just check out this GUIDE LINK that helped another COMPANY like yours improve their marketing efforts within weeks.

What do you think?

Trevor Carss
Founder | TrevorCarss.com

Over 81% of businesses never follow up after sending an email without a response. If you took the video approach, try using software that tracks whether someone watched your video, such as Loom. By following up a few days later to check in and provide more value, you will stand out among your competition.

Collaboration approach.

SUBJECT LINE: Collaboration


I noticed we were in GROUP NAME together and think we should collaborate together! Send me a message if you are interested. I bet we could cross-promote to help grow our followers.

Trevor Carss

To help grow your following, try reaching out to people with similar interests. With this simple message, you can start building your partnerships today. 99% of people would be interested in growing their follower count, but for some reason we never ask.

Research approach.

SUBJECT LINE: Working together


Who can I talk to about SERVICE OFFERING?

Trevor Carss
Founder | TrevorCarss.com

If you are not able to find the details of the decision-maker you’d like to talk with, try chatting with the gatekeeper to discover the information. Then when you reach out to the decision-maker, you can use the gatekeeper’s name as a referral. This will help improve your response rate as you’re uncovering contact details.

List-building approach.

SUBJECT LINE: Join our community!


Would you be interested in receiving monthly success tips in your inbox? I’d love to add you to our cool community if you’d be interested. Just respond with a Yes and I’ll take care of the rest.

Trevor Carss
Founder | TrevorCarss.com

Sometimes simple really is better. If you’d like to add someone to your email list, just ask! If your email content is valuable to the prospect, they might be inclined to join your community.

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