20 Email Subject Lines to Wow Your Prospects


Here are my favorite subject lines to catch a stranger’s attention and increase your email’s open rates. Yes, it may feel like click-bait to appear clever, but if you follow your subject up with the content you originally promised, then you’ll come off as a subject line genius:

  1. Free! We promise
  2. Hello NAME, here is your exclusive eBook
  3. 5 ways to [insert catchy idea here]
  4. Why you should open this email
  5. The #1 reason why [insert idea here]
  6. Your top 10 list for [niche topic]
  7. [Insert their company name here] insights
  8. Top 10 books every entrepreneur should read
  9. How your sales could be better
  10. Where to find your next customer
  11. Here is your unique discount code
  12. Only for a limited time…
  13. Nice to meet you at the [insert show name]
  14. How to grow your business
  15. Why you should open this email
  16. Video insights on [insert their company name]
  17. Infographic: [niche] stats
  18. Free one-hour consult
  19. This month’s highlights in [niche]
  20. Free shipping today!

With email marketing, it’s about experimentation to see what sticks with your prospects. Once you find a subject line that converts, keep using it! If you have fun in business, people will want to do business with you. Try to add personalization to your approach to really stand out. Even adding first names to subject lines can really set you apart from the crowd.

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