Create Something Every Day

We all have creative talent in us, creative things we aspire to accomplish. What we tend to do is overthink and overanalyze, leading us to never create anything, ever.

Your first word, drawing or book is likely going to be a rocky start. I know that after hundreds of my own little creations, I’m still finding that rhythm. What has helped me progress at least an inch every day has been to create something, anything.

With scheduling functions, you can cheat a little bit on this one. Batch a dozen creations in a day, to be scheduled for publication weeks in advance. This leaves you no excuse, especially if you aspire to blog or vlog. Now you can take any deep creative burst of energy you have and just create a bunch.

What should you create? Could be a paragraph of writing, a cool photograph, even a little video of your bedroom wall. Anything goes, but the important thing is you have to go.

I did this for awhile. One month I somehow got into a groove and created 30 children’s books. Another month I somehow made 100 comedy videos for YouTube. I somehow found spare moments of time to self-express and share my personality with the world. You can do this too, whether you’re waiting in the coffee shop line, or waiting for your bus to arrive.

Determine where your lulls are – with 24 hours in a day, I bet you could find a minute. Form a habit of filling those lulls with production, not consumption. Maybe you’re noticing that your feed browsing moments happen at 5pm. What can you create at 5pm instead?

Find those pockets of time and create what you’ve been anxiously thinking about creating for years. You might not finish it in one day, but compounded over time, you may finally make that special something.

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