My SMART Goal-Setting Method


Okay let me explain, especially since I whole-heartedly endorse the regular SMART technique. Mine looks more at the mental preparation behind your goal.

Your goal needs to have a SPECIAL feeling associated with it when it comes to mind. There should be a SPECIAL energy inside you that wakes you up. This energy will drive you forward when times get tough and inevitable missteps take place.

Your goals need to have a very MECHANICAL, process-driven structure around them to prevent any chances of you actually failing. It may seem boring at first, but having a strict structure around your goal will likely make you more successful in the end.

ACTIONABLE goals have processes that are achievable. If the mechanics are broken or the tactics are not defined, you will get discouraged and never take the action necessary to make it happen. Having daily tasks that wrap into the goal are critical.

We are dreamers, us goal-setters. In our minds we need to be RATIONAL about our goals. If we can rationally say that the goal is doable in our heads, then we are mentally prepared. Sometimes we ought to look at our past selves to see if our thoughts align with our behaviours.

Think about the feeling you will have once you achieve that goal. Is that feeling going to be TIMELESS, where the world stands still as you savour the accomplishment? Aim for a goal with outcome that will potentially be written in your obituary and remembered forever. This is where big dreaming comes in.

Here is the original SMART goal list, for comparison:

Choose any method that works for you, as long as you see results. Have fun with your next goal-setting exercise. Hopefully it will motivate you on your next creative journey.

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