Eat, Sleep, Move, Create

I believe there are four main actions to quickly improve your life when things get rough. The four actions are to eat, sleep, move and create. Let’s talk about each one.


Eat in moderation. Don’t overeat. Don’t undereat. Avoid refined and processed foods. Most Western diets are filled with bad ingredients. No wonder most of us are on medications by the time we reach 50. Eating healthy is actually simpler than eating garbage. All you really need is fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains and unprocessed meat in your meal plans. Anything that deviates from this list is likely unnecessary and most likely to slow your life down. Never crash diet. In fact, never diet at all. Your goal is to eat healthy foods for the long-term. Stop the 30-day diet challenges and restrictive weight loss plans. When you finish these challenges, you will most likely revert back to what you were doing before. Realize that sugar is a killer on your body, with diseases like pancreatic cancer and diabetes wreaking havoc on your life. Sugar is a drug. Governments have allowed it in all of the “healthy” foods we eat, from protein bars to vitamin waters. Don’t get caught in a cycle of addictions to specific things like soft drinks, caffeine and fast food. That is not eating. That is destruction. Eat with others. Cook for others. Avoid restaurants where indulgences and peer pressure tempt you. Stick to the foods you know are safe. Head to the grocery store with a plan in mind, not a mindless plan. Fill your fridge with abundant health. Replenish weekly, at least. Have healthy snacks on-hand when cravings creep in. Drink more water. Have an accountability partner to ensure you stick to the optimal diet. Talk to someone if your diet is a mess. Get healthy meals delivered to your door if you are incompetent. Learn to make simple meals when you are too tired to cook. Eat.


Get 8 hours of sleep per day. Take naps if you need to. Don’t undersleep. Don’t oversleep. Eliminate distractions from your bedroom. Make your bedroom pitch-black, without lights. Wear a sleep mask if there are bright lights. Don’t look at your phone or laptop for at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Don’t settle for continuous uncomfortable sleeps. Get a proper mattress or learn to sleep properly on the floor. Stop working so much if you lack sleep. Find the proper balance of enough sleep and optimum productivity. Stick to a consistent sleep schedule. Sleep on your back if you can. Sleep on your left side if you must. Sleep on a comfy pillow. Never jeopardize sleep for flings or parties, unless rarely. Avoid drinking too much water before sleeping. Avoid eating too much before sleeping. Sleep.


Move daily. Move for a few minutes. Move a few minutes more. Walk to your mailbox. Walk to your grocery store. Avoid driving everywhere. Find a physical activity that moves you. Do that physical activity often. Find someone to do a physical activity with. Don’t overmove. Don’t undermove. Move in the rain. Move in the snow. Take up hobbies that require you to move. Make moving effortless. Skip elevators and escalators. Take every stair. Move during meetings. Move from your desk. Move every body part. Move as much as you can. Move.


Create rather than consume. Create positive thoughts in your mind. Create answers for others. Create things you like. Create things you hate. Create things that matter. Create things that don’t matter. Create failures. Create successes. Create opportunities between others. Create art. Create ideas for others. Create the unimaginable. Create what you dream about. Create.

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