How can I generate website traffic with $0 marketing budget?

My answer to How can I generate website traffic with $0 marketing budget?

Answer by Trevor Carss:

The single quickest way to generate traffic to your website is by offering content of value, for free, on high-traffic sites. This is called guest posting and is by far the most advantageous way to spend your marketing time.

*Note: although I would recommend building content on your site as well, we are looking for a short-term result here with immediate impact, and on-page content will not capture new visitors as quickly as bonafide audiences on other sites.

Find top industry blogs and reach out with a desire to guest post for them. Tell them what you will be writing. Remember, we want top blogs that will likely post your content for you, and quickly.

Aim for 800–1000 words in each blog post. This should not take more than an hour or two per post, if you are focused on the writing. If you can’t write, grab the family members and have them help out. All hands on deck.

Just focus on this one avenue to realize both short- and long-term organic traffic to your site.

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