How I Reached 150K Views in 7 Days with Quora Questions

I have always been fascinated about our world. For one week, I decided to start asking questions on Quora to find answers.

After just seven days of curiosity, I reached over 150,000 views for my questions! With tremendous results, I thought I would share my experience here.

Quora Stats

I am fascinated by the traffic numbers from this platform, as I have only added 200 questions throughout the week.

If anything came to mind, whether it was hypothetical questions or marketing-related questions, I would hop on Quora and ask away.

Quora is a powerful platform because questions show up at the top of Google Search. This is incredible exposure for anyone looking to drive awareness for their personal brand.

With 150,000 views, I attribute the popularity of my questions to a number of scenarios.

Right after asking a question, I would request an answer from 25 people who are knowledgeable in that topic. Quora gives a list of recommended users to ask after you add your question.

I wouldn’t stop there. The next day, I would ask another 25 people.

Quora sets a maximum number of answer requests to 25 per day, per question. That helps drive traffic to the question each day.

As more people follow and answer the question, Quora will typically rank the question higher in their search algorithms.

All of my questions were unique and original. They tapped into different industries, allowing me to access a fresh pool of people every time. I would add a mix of current questions related to 2018 and “evergreen” questions – content that would be relevant for years to come.

If someone left a thoughtful answer to my question, I would thank them with a nice comment. This social interaction is a great way to connect with potential followers of your brand.

In summary, my strategy was to ask questions as they came up, followed by 25 answer requests per question, followed by social commenting.

I would repeat this experiment every day for a week. Now you can find answers to your most thought-provoking questions on Quora!

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