How To Create a Fun Quora Bio

If you are on Quora, the famous question-and-answer site, you may want to start your Q&A journey with a well-written bio page. I am going to show you how to create one.

Here is how mine looks as of writing this post:

Quora Bio - Trevor Carss

I think it’s important to create a fun bio to stand out and show your personality. If you want to succeed with the community on Quora, being yourself matters.

Let’s break down the most important elements of the bio.

Profile photo

Your photo should clearly show you in a 200px x 200px resolution. Use something similar to your LinkedIn photo if you are aiming for a professional look. If the image is blurry after uploading, you may need to tweak the resolution.


Keep your credentials short, relevant, and to the point. List your job titles or a brief quote, depending on your personality. Try to align this with your areas of expertise and the topics you intend to answer. If this is your main credential, it will show up on the majority of questions and answers you write.


The bio description is where you can really let your personality shine. Add your accomplishments and fun facts about you here. Be creative to stand out and increase the likelihood that someone will follow you.


While crafting your bio description, don’t forget to include a link to your website. This is a major opportunity for you to gain referral traffic from Quora to your products and services. You may place the link anywhere in your description, as long as it makes sense to the reader.

Note: I like to have the link added near the beginning. This way I know it will show up without having to skim through the rest of the content.

From a business standpoint, your link is one of the more important aspects of your Quora bio. Most of my website traffic, aside from organic search, is from this link.

There you have it, a quick summary of what you need to keep in mind when writing your Quora bio. If you are missing that personality on your page, hopefully this post will spark some inspiration for you.

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