How to Build Your Media Empire

Anyone today can build the next Huffington Post or Fox News. Top media companies have been built on a simple website platform, and we all have access to do the same thing, in even bigger and better ways.

Say you want to build a media empire based on writing articles. All it takes is a website, Internet connection and computer. You could even skip the website and write on Medium. Of course, if you want to build an empire, you’ll need to own what you write. This is where having a website is helpful.

To go further, anyone can start a podcast show with their smartphone now. Hit record on your smartphone app and talk for as long as you’d like. Boom, the John Doe Show was born.

Love photography? Now is the time to be the pro Instagrammer, sharing amazing shots with the world.

This only scrapes the surface. YouTube allows you to make video content about pretty much anything. The sky is the limit. Hit record and get filming. Most importantly, have fun.

Building your media empire is a cinch. What are you waiting for?

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