How To Improve Your Work Life

Here are a few ways to improve your work life instead of quitting your job out of the blue.

Spend less time working and more time socializing.

We always feel like we have to be workhorses, fitting in more and more tasks to keep busy throughout the day. The one thing I wish I had done is socialized with co-workers more. I was always in an introverted silo, minding my own business. People never knew me because of it. I rarely collaborated with anyone. When asking for help, I didn’t know who to turn to.

Your workload will actually decrease if you get to know your co-workers. Don’t work so hard. Take that one-hour lunch break to connect with your peeps. They will be more likely to help you out when work is tough.

Reduce your commute time.

If you are commuting three hours per day like I was, chances are you will hate your job. You know what feels amazing? A 20-minute commute. Instead of waking up on weekdays with an imaginary rope around your neck, try reducing your commute time by moving closer. Or carpool with someone to make the time go by faster. Or listen to a podcast in the car/train/bus. Those are your commute-time solutions.

Ask for a raise.

Many employees hate their jobs because they don’t say what’s on their minds. If you want a raise, go ask for it. If they say no, ask how you can get one. At a past job, I asked how to get an extra $20K onto my salary. They told me what I needed to do (something stupid and highly unattainable, now that I recall). Ask and thou shalt potentially receive. Don’t ask and don’t receive. It’s worth a shot.

Do great work and get recognized.

Recognition is one of the greatest ways to feel good at a job. That’s what my Human Resources textbook from 2009 says. It’s true, we feel great when someone says something nice to us. One problem with companies is that they suck at giving recognition, but they excel at telling you where you go wrong every second of the day. If you’re lucky, you might get recognized with a “good job” by email these days. No wonder 50% of the workforce will be freelancers by 2020. We want to feel good. Do great work and potentially get a thoughtful sticky note on your computer monitor.

Store vodka in your desk for every occasion.

This ties back to my first point about socializing. If you carry vodka at your desk, people will like you. Especially on Moody Mondays and Fantastic Fridays. Being liked will make you feel good about your job. Vodka = liked. Mission accomplished.

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