What I Would Teach My Kids

Here are the six skills/behaviors my children would be taught:


Telling the truth is always better than telling a lie, no matter the situation. I don’t do business with cheaters or scam artists, and I certainly wouldn’t want to raise kids to be like them either.


If I have to wake my kids up every day, I’m failing as a parent. The kids clearly aren’t disciplined enough to follow a schedule for life. I would teach discipline in terms of positive work ethic (not punishment, because that never solves anything). It becomes easier to be disciplined when one has a sense of meaning for doing things. The kids should be disciplined because it will help them get what they want. Maybe they want to eat candy or play outside. In order to get those rewards, they should have to work for them. Jocko Willink says discipline equals freedom. I agree, for all stages of life.


Love your parents. Love others. Be super positive and helpful towards others. People will always want to help you. You will never be poor again.


To grow, people have to own their life situation. If kids fail in life, they need to learn that it is their responsibility to learn and recover. The parent can only hand-hold for so long before dependency develops. Dependency is not good. Responsible children, children who own their actions, are children who lead and grow.


Meditation practice doesn’t have to begin at age 25. Kids should explore their thoughts and feelings at a young age. Mindful meditation is great for this. Especially now, when kids are all over the place with iPads and iPhones. Just sitting still for a minute or two per day is all that’s needed.


Being humble in the face of highly stressful events is a sign of top leaders. When life gets you down, can you remain calm and composed? Showing humility is a great skill to instil among kids.

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