How To Launch Your Art in 30 Days

If you are an artist or creative, the best piece of advice I can give you is this: start.

In one word.

If you have an idea, any idea, just start. Grab your iPhone, your paintbrush, or any basic tool to do what is necessary to create.

I learned how to write, illustrate and launch nine children’s books in less than 30 days with no prior professional experience in writing, art or publishing. I decided it was something I wanted to do after reflecting on my past joys in life.

I wanted to relive my childhood again. I wanted to be a kid again.

I sat down and created everything that came to mind. I even managed to write and illustrate an entire children’s book in one day. I was so passionate about it.

In prior months I created t-shirts, hats, nonfiction short stories, and music. Very random, I know.

Nothing has brought me more joy than creating a book for children. Growing up and exploring the contents of a book really showed me what was possible in the world. We often forget what it’s like to be a kid when we grow up and follow routines, schedules, and structure.

When creating something you absolutely enjoy, something that makes the time fly by, you are in your element.

Since March 2017 I have spent my waking hours exploring what brings me the most joy (aside from my family and girlfriend). I never stopped exploring until I could find it.

Right now my joy is inspiring children to read, write, and draw at any age.

For the parents out there, I hope you will listen to your children more. Watch your children more. Take notice when they create something out of thin air. Those moments are fleeting, enjoy them.

In order to create my books in such a quick time, I broke some rules (which I encourage you to do).

I didn’t use a fancy publisher.
I didn’t go through 100 crazy revisions to reach some weird level of perfection.
I didn’t ask for too much feedback (too much advice can stall you).
I didn’t create a pitch deck to sell my idea (I’m a crummy salesperson anyway).
I didn’t think too much about the ‘how’ or the process.
I didn’t use a paper or pen in the process.
I didn’t take four years of art school to learn all the things I didn’t need to know.

Instead, I opened up my drawing app and drew out my stories. Everything was digitally created, direct from my head.

I wrote and drew what I knew. I kept my art process simple.

If you are creating art, please start.

Chances are you have all the equipment you need to create your masterpiece.

Plus I want to see what you’ve always dreamed of creating. No one else is going to create it for you. If you are proud of your art, share it in the comments below (links are welcome).

Show the world what you can do today. Don’t live with regret for not having shared your talents with others.

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