Kitten in a Coffee Cup


This is a bedtime nursery rhyme children’s book titled Kitten in a Coffee Cup.

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The best thing about dreaming is the ability to stretch boundaries in the pursuit of brightening our world. In a dream, you can imagine a world that doesn’t exist yet. You have the power to make that world a reality.

There are presently over 153 million orphans in the world. It’s not the kind of number you’d expect to hear, but that is OUR reality.

I made this poetic lullaby children’s book for all of our unloved children on the streets and in foster homes. It’s about a kitten’s journey before bedtime (full poem below). I hope this helps you rest a little easier tonight. Here is a link to the video narration, as shown above.

Kitten in a coffee cup.
How wonderful you are.
Kitten flying up and up.
How did you get so far?

Flying through space.
What a beautiful face.
I love you kitten.
I bought you mittens.

Kitten in a tuna can.
Flying through a van.
Where is the kitten going?
Why is the kitten rowing?

Kitten in a sports car.
Oh look how fast you are.
Driving by the lost and found.
Away from town, towards the sundown.

Kitten in a bed.
All beautiful with bread.
Goodnight my kitten.
I hope you love your mittens.

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