Marketing Automation to Nurture Sales Prospects

When someone checks out your website, an email opt-in form can be the exact hook that is needed to start a sales nurture sequence.

Someone is intrigued by the free eBook you’re offering in exchange for their email. They take the bait.

Marketing automation allows you to send a series of emails to further warm up this prospect.

The first email is typically a welcome message to give an introduction to what you’re all about and what they can expect from you.

The next set of emails might educate or inform the prospect using industry knowledge or relevant articles that they’d be interested in.

Eventually, you might send them an email about products, discounts or referral programs. Your end-objective is to make this prospect a lifetime fan and customer of your offerings.

Automation allows you to communicate with prospects at scale and build comfort between both of you. This comfort and rapport is critical for the ultimate sale.

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