Modern World Problems

Work-life balance.
Solution: unplug, disable notifications, take up hobbies.

Solution: exercise, yoga, sleep, mindfulness.

People not taking lunch breaks.
Have chef on-site, gym / walking groups.

Mental illness / stress from work.
Health education during lunch breaks.

Autoimmune disorders.
Awareness on causes.

No hobbies.
Recommended hobbies for every type of person, including tools to get started.

Loneliness / isolation (no true connection).
Another approach to Meetups, maybe a turn-key community program that can be implemented across condos.

Boredom in small towns.
Fairs, block parties.

Cost of housing.
Simpler living solutions.

Mild depression / anxiety – makes things hard.
Mindfulness, public journaling with others.

Old infrastructure (buildings, houses, electrical).
Replace them.

Commute times.
Tunnels, better carpooling coordination.

Plastic pollution.
Make more paper/bamboo alternatives.

Low-paying jobs.
Encourage entrepreneurship / side hustles.

Social media glamour (people showing perfect lives, makes others feel inadequate).
Show imperfect people.

Social media affecting our psychology.
Encourage people to unplug, with rewards.

Costs of childcare.
Make daycares affordable, more community-oriented.

Parents treating kids as success objects.
Support healthy parenting. Educate.

Prison reform.
Implement programs that will help reduce recidivism. Writing, reading, drawing, comedy.

Student loan debt.
Accept online learning as a way to achieve a degree.


Veteran homelessness.
Entrepreneurship, employment programs.

Ban refined sugar. Simplify lifestyle diets.

Definitions of status and self-worth.
Inspire self-confidence in people.

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