Orange: A Trumpbook


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I have been doing great at avoiding political discussion in my work…until now. I’m both excited and nervous to be launching my next picture book called Orange: A Trumpbook.

With Orange, I wanted to have fun with Donald Trump’s hair. I feel like everyone is very uptight about this American president, but shouldn’t we realize that it takes more than one to run a country? Seems silly to think that any decision-making is happening at the top by only one person. It simply isn’t.

I am a huge fan of Donald Trump, the person. Not so much the news personality. Ever since his days on The Apprentice, I have appreciated his candor.

In business, you have to be tough from time to time. It’s not for everyone. Trump the politician? Not so sure he is as successful as he could be. He was better in business, real estate and branding. Despite no political or government experience, Trump seems to be holding his own. I’d like to see someone with no experience in his shoes.

I do not pay attention to most politicians and would see myself as more of a liberal individual. If we look at the last couple of years, it hasn’t been as bad as the news suggests. The reality is, the positive side to Trump would not garner anywhere near the buzz that negative press does. Since we love to consume media, we will only hear of the bad news about Trump.

With my book, I hope you will enjoy the funnier, lighter side to all of this.

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