White Rock Sunrise

The run

One area of my childhood that I really enjoyed was running. I would be one of the few kids to enjoy the 2.4KM test, which equaled 6 laps around the track. I’m not sure why I enjoyed the running so much until a recent outdoor experience refreshed my memory.

Recently I decided to do some morning runs, with more emphasis on enjoyment rather than tracking time or distance.

Instead of thinking about what to bring with me, I decided on a Saturday morning at 6am to drive over to a nearby beach and run with no clock, no agenda, no technological distraction. I will admit that my phone was on Do Not Disturb, zipped away in my jacket for the entire duration.

I left the headphones at home too. I know what you’re thinking: No music playing? That must be boring!

On the contrary, I found myself enjoying the scenery and visuals. My senses were in tune with the surrounding nature and people. I smiled and said hello to everyone I ran by, rather than ignore them and say nothing. Some smiled back. It got me thinking that our society has forgotten what it feels like to enjoy our surroundings.

To start off the new year, I took things one step further and ran in sub-zero temperatures. In my shorts. In the snow. One of the most exciting runs I’ve done to date.

From my time in university onward, I lost interest in habitual running – it became a chore rather than a fun hobby. By just limiting myself to the essentials, I re-gained a long-lost interest. Sometimes we lose track of the important things in our lives, like the beautiful sunset at that nearby beach in the photo above.

Running can push you. Motivate you. Discipline you. Give it a try, it might just change your life.

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