2016 has been an incredible year. New challenges. New adventures. I’d like to think of every year as an opportunity to grow, learn, and experience new things in the world. Here are some of my highlights:

  • I wrote a 10,000-word short story in 30 days as a literary challenge.
  • I completed a triathlon with 80 days of training and little swimming experience.
  • There’s this girl who I’ve fallen in love with. The greatest discovery of 2016.
  • I mentored students at my alma mater on professional development.
  • I helped train our Sales and Marketing teammates at work on new platforms.
  • A family trip to Hawaii, the first in over 10 years.
  • I learned advanced CPR and first aid.
  • My brother proposed to his long-time girlfriend in Maui. They are absolutely a perfect match for each other and I am so happy to be welcoming the best sister I could ever have into the family.
  • The passing and celebration of my grandmother – at age 97, she was the most incredible woman I have ever known.
  • I helped raise over $2000 for vision loss research with the help of family and friends to continue the philanthropic efforts of my grandmother.
  • I continued decluttering my physical and digital footprint. Still under the magic number 300.
  • I wrote three eBooks on lifestyle design, minimalism, and relationships.

Looking forward to 2017, I hope to continue the momentum and help others on a bigger scale. My 2016 fortune cookie suggested to build a business and help organize people’s lives, which is aligned with a few of my goals. Here’s to more adventures and experiences for 2017.

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