Top 8 Apps for Freelancing

When I do freelance marketing for my clients, here are the top 8 apps I use:

For lead generation purposes, Upwork is a fantastic platform for any new freelancer without an established list of clientele. I highly recommend everyone check this out to see if it’s right for them.

Google Sheets
I send my invoices with Google Sheets. Once you’re done adding in line items, you can download it as a PDF and easily send it off to your client without all the technical hassle.

Google Keep
I write on-the-fly ideas down with Google Keep in case I’d like to create a future blog post on a topic or share something important with my clients.

In case you haven’t noticed, I enjoy Google Apps – Gmail is no exception for all my email communication needs.

Sometimes I’ll need to keep track of the status and deadlines for various projects – Trello is a fantastic project management app that keeps me on top of everything.

To time the amount of hours I spend on a project, I use my phone’s stopwatch or a basic one (just Google “stopwatch” and you’ll find one online).

If I’m not setting up payments in Upwork, I’ll use PayPal for all my money processing needs. What I like about PayPal is I can send clients a unique URL where they can send me money easily. Aside from the pesky processing fees, I’m happy with the platform.

Surprisingly, there is quite a large volume of potential clients on Craigslist. I recommend spending a few minutes per day to see what remote gigs pop up for your specialty.

That’s it, I keep my app usage to a minimum. I want to focus on delivering a quality experience for my clients, and using only the most important apps for my workflow helps with overall productivity and focus.

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