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My most unique modern art experiment.

I want to break the boundaries of storytelling by creating picture books and stories for those who want to stand out. Trevart, conceived during a transit commute, pushes the boundaries of what we know about art today. By showcasing over 60 of my drawings in a portfolio accessible by all, I’m able to share art with the masses. From abstract to minimalist, there is inspiration for everyone within this wonderfully curated collection.

How the art was born.

While commuting for three hours every day, I needed an outlet to explore my thoughts and emotions. I began rapidly unleashing ideas on-screen, drawing everything that came to mind while using just my laptop and hands. Serious art fans will appreciate the work that went into this modern creative odyssey.

It’s not like anything I’ve ever done or seen. It’s a piece of art for consumers. Consumers who want a piece of my unique mind.

Experiments in art are necessary to stand out. Books can be art too.

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