Fitness Transformation After 1 Week


I didn’t make as much progress with my fitness training as I had hoped for in week 1. To focus on the positives, I did two more yoga sessions than I normally would have, ran a little longer, and worked the core and back a bit. This is a gradual process, just have to take it one day at a time. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with the max counts. Eating habits didn’t change much, and that’s where I’m going to get the biggest gains moving forward. Hopefully, when this is all said and done, I can look back and feel inspired by what was accomplished. Hopefully this will inspire others too.


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Fitness Transformation at Week 0


My fitness transformation journey – the beginning of it.

I’m looking to make some positive changes with my health and fitness. At age 34 here, my back is not in great shape, especially the lower back. Knees are definitely not doing well. I could improve my eating habits by reducing the sugar, ice cream, chips, cookies, you name it. I’d be lucky to do one pullup and 10 pushups. I do some sports on occasion, and some running, but I can definitely feel it. Skin/complexion is rough, looking older. Receding hairline, hoping to improve that. I don’t foresee any long-term prospects with relationships because I can’t really offer anything of real value beyond the first few dates. Self worth needs to be improved. Could be happier with myself.

So for the next four months I’m going to give this a shot, see if I can lose a few pounds, improve my outlook. I’m approaching 190 pounds right now, and at just under 6 feet, it’s a bit concerning that I look skinny but fat in the midsection. I’m really hoping to stick with a plan here and get things together, once and for all. Posting the progress and journey, documenting my max counts, recording some eating habits, should be fun. This is the beginning of my fitness transformation.


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