What is massive value? (HOW TO ACTUALLY GET RICH)


Here is my definition of “massive value”:
Transaction of a physical item or service, where the exchange is more substantial than your typical commodity.



  • High ticket sales (yachts, houses, sportscars)
  • High ticket consulting
  • Significant emotion or action derived (musical artist, fitness influencer, motivational speaker)
  • STEM (engineers, scientists curing diseases, tech entrepreneurs)
  • Digital marketing in a lucrative sector (i.e., AI, AR, health)
  • Jobs where you are closest to the money (C-suite, stock brokers, lawyers)
  • Owner of a high-volume low-priced offering (author of many books), or low-volume, high-priced offering (fine art collector)

Start by finding a problem to solve.

The best problems to find are those you’re personally dealing with. An example is you’re struggling with saving money (you barely break even month by month). You decide to document your journey to turn your life into one of financial freedom, so you start a financial budgeting youtube channel to share your progress with the world. People start watching. Then you get monthly earnings from YouTube ads. Then people start asking you to advise them on financial budgeting, and before you know it, people are paying you at seminars to learn what you’ve learned!

You can literally find any problem and offer the solution for it.

Now this isn’t easy to just have a successful YouTube channel in a day. There are no overnight successes, you have to work at it!

Start with looking at your skills.

Do you know anything about sales, marketing, leadership, or something creative? Are you wildly talented at something? Are you a natural, like Tiger Woods and golf? Find that and get really amazing at it, I’m talking top 1% in the world. Then people will pay you by the boatload.

Look for the Ferraris.

There are neighbourhoods of wealthy people with Ferraris. They’ll tell you to choose a field and master it. These people come from all walks of life, from real estate developers to architects, doctors to salespeople. It doesn’t matter what other people do for a living. What are you going to do to offer massive value?!

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Baby’s First Steps as a Children’s Author and Illustrator :)


Baby’s First Steps as a Children’s Author and Illustrator 🙂


This is a recap of my author journey thus far.


  • Honest as far as the quality of work, maybe 5 out of 80 were successfully made, where I said wow, that’s cute.
  • Not too interested in forcing the stories onto people (book sales is tricky), and kids should not be sold to. So that leaves me with the parents.
  • I believe parents should have a story in their hands that brings value to the family relationship.
  • As a creator, author, illustrator, you will inevitably run into hits and misses. Just look at the sketches on Saturday Night Live. The important thing is to keep going, to keep making.
  • Over time, it’s possible that my work could improve. If it takes 10 years, then so it must be.

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