Rage Against the Ugly Website

Everyone who exists online should have a beautiful-looking website today.

There are no more excuses for a website that doesn’t act like a qualified sales tool for your business.

I’ve built dozens of websites using WordPress, and with countless more free website builders available today, anyone can redesign or build theirs in a few minutes.

Every website should have an email opt-in form. I have a simple one on my blog to allow visitors to stay updated on my latest work. Without email capture, your website misses out on the #1 lead capture mechanism for your business.

Statistics show a 44:1 return on investment under email marketing. As much as I love marketing channels like social media and SEO, that is an appealing return.

With MailChimp or any email marketing platform, adding in code for your email form is a piece of cake. Even without updating your website, an email form could increase your sales instantly.

If you have any traffic to your site, you could convert on average 1-5% of your visitors to leads, depending on the quality of your freebie offered in exchange for an email.

Lead capture will only work if you supplement your website with valuable content. What story are you conveying to your audience? That message needs to ring loud and clear to visitors. Focus your points on one end-goal and design everything around that.

I like to look at Apple’s website as an example of quality design. Their end-goal is to sell more tech products. Apple succeeds by making the product images and text content beautiful. If someone lands on their site, it is very likely that they will explore more and potentially hit that “Buy Now” call-to-action for any number of products.

Amazon.com is another example of a website with a focus. They offer personalized recommendations for every page you land on, and eCommerce shoppers are simply hooked in with the experience. It helps that Amazon has one of the fastest websites to encourage further browsing. Make your website fast and you can see sales benefits as well.

I hope these examples will help you deliver the kind of online experience that your website visitors will appreciate.

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